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Make logistics easier.

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Corporate Success

Fully benefit from the use of logistics for corporate success, accelerate all procedures with the help of logistics management, apply external logistics know-how internally, flexibly respond to changing requirements, minimize existing risks as much as possible and avoid unnecessary expenditure.

If you are interested in viewing logistics from this perspective, we would like to discuss with you and your experts where any specific potential may exist in your company and how those potentials could be implemented a customized way to create added value.

Competitive Factor

All roads lead to Rome. But which one is the best? Join us on new journeys for Logistics Management and gain advantage over your competitors.

We have asked ourselves the same question. In Germany, there are already 16.000 forwarding agency. Do we really need another one? No, we walk new ways.

The focus is on cost savings. How do we succeed? By putting our acknowledged expertise, profound know-how and proven experience in the balance. Moreover, many other companies have already headed for new shores. Similarly, we contribute to increasing the value of your corporate image in your industry and furthermore.


Your logistics characteristics is featured as individual, very dynamic, due to corresponding complex interfaces, often managed on a project basis, and marked by big fluctuations.

Such an environment determines our operational and cooperative modes of conduct as an extended workbench alongside with logistics and project departments, in their immediate vicinity. The collaboration is tight and straightforward.

In this sense, we analyze and plan optimized shipments (as little transport as possible) by means of sophisticated processes, and are eager to enter new territories. With such an approach we are more comparable to lawyers or auditors who represent the interests of their clients in their respective fields and, in no case, should be confused with freight forwarders or shipping companies.


We are always ready to step up when you do not want to pursue the critical path yourself, whether it is a project-related or time sensitive issue. Then we are just the right partner by your side. Thus, bottlenecks in logistics are no longer a concern of yours.

We “apparently” specialize in unforeseeable circumstances due to our origin and experience. Together with you, we want to ensure that you comply with your project time schedule and budget.

That is our motto. Together with you, we originate the project package in an appropriate, task-driven and target-based manner. In this process, you can always rely on our loyalty and competence.


Return on Investment – ROI

High Five for ROI
  • Investment
  • Income
Achieve the maximum while spending the minimum. We’ll show you a way to score a ROI of 1:3.

Modern Logistics sets the focus on the entire supply chain. Through our mindset we accomplish cost prevention, cost reduction and process optimization.

Transportation costs

Selection of the best and cheapest transportation


Reduction of transportation costs

In contrast to forwarding agents or ship brokers, we do not sell you space on trucks, square meters or our own transport assets. We are deliberately refraining from this: in the sense of an optimal competition for the best logistics solution.

Historical grown logistics structures

Contracted logistics service provider leads, many follow

Logistics Service Provider

Number of various logistic contracts

You might think the figures shown are too high, but they are a result of an analysis in a turnkey project.

Often there is a lack of transparency in regards to involved logistics parties due to historical grown structures. Forwarding agencies, carrier, crane operator, wrapper – just to name a few. Today’s logistics market is widely based on brokerage. This is a reason why the actual figure of involved parties is often unknown.

Transparency of overall logistics costs

Non-transparency of logistics costs


companies with non-transparent logistic costs

One out of three companies do not know its (complete) logistic costs. This makes it clear that logistics is only sparsely used to achieve new company goals. Important potentials remain unused.

Unleash your strengths!

4 PL Logistics
1 PL is characterized by company owned fleet followed by the 2 PL – an independent haulier or ship owner. Active steering and bundling of goods for better utilization of the own assets or network (3 PL or Lead Logistics Provider). In addition, there are service providers who work with the market’s lack of transparency.

The fourth and latest generation (4 PL) pursues a different business model. The goal is not to utilize the own assets, selling space on trucks or storage, but the independent planning and routing of the logistics chain along the entire business process.

4 PL deliberately avoids own technical resources and networks, but neutrally uses existing assets or networks. As a result, 4 PL creates transparent information and organizes the best possible mesh of links in the logistics chain.

A lack of own logistics resources creates nervousness in the valuable core business. Outsourcing can provide expertise, but can also create anxiety in interpersonal relations. Safe “make” or “buy” decisions are tough ones. If situations change on a daily basis, isolated applications dominate and heterogeneous logistics structures persist.

Our hybrid logistics management focuses on the challenging the balance between outsourcing and in-house logistics. The advantages of „make“ or „buy“ are used. Those situations between project requirements and contract logistics which cannot be described are our focus.

In this sense we initiate, transparent and in the best interest of our clients, competition for the most attractive solution.

While the extent of consultancy is described in the contract, the freight forwarder is governed by §§ 453 to 466 Handelsgesetzbuch (HGB).

“The freight forwarder is obliged to provide the consignment of a good.”

The customer is not exempted from the execution. Similarly, the consultant recommends a solution. They don’t have to carry out the solution automatically.

The LSA manages and organizes the logistics in companies over the entire business process. Like a lawyer, we take the interests of our clients for the best possible solution in the legal framework. The consignment has to be dispatched successfully – so far so good, but the transport itself is just an intermediate step. The right information at the right time is essential.

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